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What is Dark web in Cybersecurity?

What is Dark web in Cybersecurity?

Definition of the dark web:

Dark web is the hidden data of the internet only accessible to special browsers and websites. It is used for both legal and illegal activities in politics, government, and society. It is also used for keeping all internet activities more secure and private.

What is deep web vs dark web:

Deep web

Depp web and dark web both are hidden webs behind the surface internet where no crawlers of the internet can reach without a special code and browsers. Deep web is the hidden data of the internet that is not indexed by google spiders and search engines.

The deep web is not associated with illegal activities but only has online information about bank login, medical, political, and other private information. It is almost 500 times larger than the surface web which is accessible by search engines.

What is deep web vs dark web,Dark web

Dark web

Dark web is the next stage of the deep web and all the illegal activities behind the internet are available there. It is also not indexed by google crawlers and search engines but only needs some special software such as (TOR).

It is also associated with the sales of illegal goods and stuff that you cannot find in the open market and other illegal services. It is also that it is not only used for illegal activities all time but sometimes it is used by journalists and activists who need to communicate anonymously online.

What is deep web search engines?

Deep web is the hidden or invisible web place behind the internet that no search engines can reach. Only about 10% of crawlers are reached the surface web and the remaining 90% are hidden on the deep web. Only special browsers and servers are required to log in to the deep web.

What is deep web content:

Deep Web content is about email data, private chats, Electronic health records, electronic bank accounts, and other activities that can only be accessed one way over the internet.

What happens if you go on the dark web:

Not easily but some servers and special browsers are reachable to it and If you go on the dark web you may find pornographic videos, and indecent images of children and find dealers that sell drugs and weapons online on the web.

What is the dark web used for:

It is used for keeping the data private and safe and is used for both legal and illegal activities but sometimes it can be used to evade government censorship, nuclear activities, or blackmail others.

How to access:

Dark web is often used by cybercriminals and hackers for illegal purposes. Nobody can access the dark web but some the Routers such as the onion router (Tor). It routes your traffic and ip address and you can easily visit the dark web.

Is it illegal to go on the dark web?

Simply, no it is not illegal to access the web. It only depends on the visuality of the user who visits the web. Other than that some people also use this for safer purposes. 

How to access dark web safely:

Things to remember before using the dark web:

  • Change your email and use a VPN for routing your location.
  • Never use your real name or share any personal information while using dark web.
  • There are many online security policies for your online payments so use them.
  • Aware the family members of your computer and other devices so that they can’t reach it, Visit the web but don’t let your family reach it.
  • Never download any suspicious file otherwise it may hack your system’s information.
  • Disable Active x and java scripts because these webs basically based on these two codings.

Final Thoughts:

Deep web and dark web are both used for illegal activities but these are also used for the good purpose of contacting each other on a government level and for other dealings. We have shared all the information about both of these two webs in our article if you have any other questions about it you can comment to us and we will try to answer your question.

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