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What are the Backrooms? Full Theory Explained 2023

What are the backrooms

Many people don’t even know what are the backrooms, they are mysterious places. They’re full of people, but they have no rules and no boundaries. If you go to the backrooms, you’ll find that they’re not exactly. We hope you never find out what’s in there or what happens to people who get trapped in them forever.

What are the Backrooms? Entry Procedure

The entry procedure is not for everyone. It’s a very strict, controlled environment and the backrooms are not for the faint of heart. The entry procedure isn’t easy, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try it out if you’re feeling up to the challenge.

The Labyrinth

The labyrinth is a maze of rooms, all connected by secret passageways. It’s protected by guards and traps, who will attack any visitors they see. In addition to these guardians, the labyrinth also houses all manner of creatures: giant spiders, hungry rats, and more.

The levels are endless; there are always new places to explore when you enter the backrooms again (and again).


The characters are the people you meet in the backrooms. They are usually not very friendly, but they can be quite nice to you if you’re nice to them.


The setting is a mysterious place. It might be in a small town, or it could be in the backrooms of a library where people go to get away from their problems and think about them. The setting could also be that labyrinth you’ve been hearing about but haven’t found yet—the one with seven circles and seven different paths through them (and sometimes even more).

We hope you never find out.

The backrooms unique idea has been extended by Web clients, who have made unique “levels” of the area.

There is a large number of levels found inside fan-made Wikis of the Private cabins, highlighting different photographs and “well-being classes” in an organization impacted by the SCP wiki.

One standard is that there are three particular levels. The levels determined in this group include. We hope you never find out.

If you do, we hope that the experience is one of deep reflection and self-discovery, where you come to understand the true meaning of life and death, love and loss.

And if it isn’t possible for such a thing to happen without your knowing—if you have no choice but to find out—then we hope that whatever happens will be memorable enough in its own right so as not to be forgotten by anyone who watches over your wakeful dreams at night when all else has fallen silent around them.

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