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Valorant Tracker Download & Game Stats 2023

Valorant Tracker

Valorant is a great way to improve your skills and win games. The game has many stats that you can track, but it can be difficult to understand them all. This guide will help you figure out the most important valorant tracker stats so that you can get better at the game!

Win percentage

Win percentage is the number of wins divided by the number of games you’ve played. The higher your win in Valorant tracker percentage will be better!

Valorant Tracker

A good win percentage for your rank would be around 70%. A bad one would be under 50%. The best ones are above 80%, but even then it’s still not as good as it could be because some players won’t play more than 20 games per day while others may play 100+ games per day.

To compare: If you’re in Diamond V and have a 72% win rate over a 15-day period, that means that every six days (or 30%) of those 15 days won’t have been enough time to get any meaningful experience points—and therefore won’t help increase your level or gain any silver/gold rewards.

Kills per round

KDR, also known as Kills Per Round, is a stat that measures how well you perform in comparison to your teammates. It’s calculated by dividing the number of kills you’ve scored during a round by your team’s deaths during that time.

The higher your KDR, the better you did—or at least that’s what we’d like to think!

On the other hand, if your KDR is low and falling quickly (as seen with this graph), then maybe it would be more accurate to say “You’re not doing so well.”

K/D ratio

The K/D ratio is a measurement of how much impact you have on your team. It’s calculated by dividing the number of kills you get by the total number of deaths your team has during a match.

The higher the K/D ratio, the better—and it means that you’re more likely to win!

The higher your K/D ratio, the better player you are (at least according to this stat).

kills per game

It’s a stat that can help you improve your performance. For example, if you’re having trouble getting kills per game and are looking for tips to help improve your score, we’ve got some advice here:

  • Try playing on higher difficulties. The higher the difficulty, the more likely it is that enemies will be able to defend themselves against your attacks or even injure you in return. This can mean that they can survive longer than normal and give you fewer chances at scoring kills per game (and thus reduce your total number).
  • Play with teammates who are good at taking out opponents quickly & effectively. If someone has been playing for a while and has gotten pretty good at killing people quickly & effectively then they may not need much practice time before being able to do well in this area of tracking stats like kills per game – but those who haven’t used these strategies yet still might benefit from getting some extra help from friends who have already mastered them!

kill-to-death ratio

The kill-to-death ratio is the number of kills you have compared to the number of times you have died. If a player has a high kill-to-death ratio, it means that they’ve been playing for a long time and are familiar with their character’s abilities.

They’re also more likely to know when/where enemies will appear or what areas are safe from danger.

This can make it easier for them to get achievements like “Let me tell you about my farming” or “I’m not afraid of anything!”

The lower this number gets, however—the worse it really is! You should not let yourself get stuck at less than 1:1 if possible; keep improving until then so that your game becomes more enjoyable overall (and maybe even profitable!).

Damage per round

Damage per round is the number of points you deal in a round, not including assists. The damage per round stat represents your cumulative damage overall games played on that particular character. You can find this information in the Profile tab under “Statistics.”

Damage per game is just that: the total amount of damage dealt by all players during any given match or tournament.

This value will be different from damage per round if there were no assists made during that match or tournament—for example if everyone focused solely on self-destructs for their entire battle with certain characters (which would make it impossible for anyone else to get any kills).

Damage per kill %

The percentage of damage you do to an enemy. The higher the number, the better.

The average damage per kill is around 60%. If your damage per kill is low, it means that most of your attacks don’t do enough damage for them to be worth using in combat.

Headshot kills ratio

The headshot kills ratio is the percentage of your total kills that are headshots. This stat can be a great indicator of how well you are doing in close-range combat and sniping, but also how well you are able to pick off enemies when they least expect it.

If this stat is low, then there may be an issue with your gameplay style or weapon choice; however, if it’s high enough for your liking then hopefully this means that no one has been able to get away from you yet!

Total headshot ratio %

The total headshot ratio is the percentage of your shots that hit the enemy’s head. The higher this number, the better you are at taking out enemies.

To calculate your total headshot ratio:

  • Count how many times you’ve shot an enemy using either a rifle or pistol and then divide by two (to account for reloading). If you’re using a shotgun, add one to this number so it equals how many times you’ve fired off all rounds in one shot instead of reloading after each shot (you’ll get more hits per second).
  • Subtract from 100%—this will give you your current score on average per second as well as some context about whether or not this is “good” or “bad.”

Round impact rating.

Round impact rating is a measure of how much impact you have on the game. It’s calculated by adding up your score and your kills, then dividing that number by two. You can increase your round impact rating by playing well and contributing to your team’s victory or defeat, or by helping out with a certain role in particular matches (for example: if one player on their team has been struggling with some mechanics, they could ask another player to fill in as support).

Staying informed about your stats on Valorant will make you better at the game.

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The stats on valorant are important for understanding your performance and how to improve. They can help you understand the game better, which will help you play with your team better.

These stats are a great way to stay informed about your game and get a better grasp on how you play

. If you’re interested in seeing more of these stats, we recommend checking out the Valorant website or using the app on your phone!

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