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Top 10 Most Rare Pokemon Cards

Rare Pokemon Cards

Pokemon cards are a huge part of the Pokémon franchise, and they’re also a great investment. You can get the rare pokemon cards for less than $5 each, so it’s worth looking into if you want to start collecting them.

Here are some of the rarest:

  • Pikachu Illustrator
  • Prerelease Raichu
  • Trophy Pikachu Trainer
  • Master’s Key
  • No Rarity Venusaur
  • Tropical Wind
  • No. 3 Trainer Card

Pikachu Illustrator

This card, released in 1999, is one of the most expensive cards ever printed. It was a promotional piece for Pokemon’s 20th anniversary and only 1,000 were made. The card has an illustration on both sides that shows Pikachu with its eyes closed and a smile on his face.

You can find these cards at auction sites like eBay or even just sell them yourself if you want to make some money off them.

Prerelease Raichu

  • Rare
  • Rare foil card
  • Prerelease Raichu from the Pokemon Prerelease event. These cards are extremely rare, and many players have never seen one in person before. The only way to get them is by winning a tournament or finding someone who has one of these rare Pokémon cards worth money.

Trophy Pikachu Trainer

  • Trophy Pikachu Trainer: This card is worth $100+. It comes with a trophy, not a card.
  • Pikachu Energy Card: This rare card can be found in packs of Pokemon TCG Online and other online stores. The Pikachu Energy Card is worth more than $5,000.

Master’s Key

The Master’s Key was one of the rarest cards in existence. It was only available in one set, which is a big deal for a card that can only be obtained by playing at least 12 games of Pokemon Trading Card Game Online (PCOTY).

Rare Pokemon Cards

The Master’s Key is also a key card for your deck if you’re using it to play through an event called “Dreamscape.” This deck style focuses on using cards from the Sinnoh region to get powerful effects out of them, like drawing extra cards every turn or having additional energy points every turn.

No Rarity Venusaur

Rare Pokemon cards are a lot more valuable than common ones. They’re worth thousands of dollars, and you can find them at local card shops or online on eBay. If you want to get your hands on one of these rare cards, here’s how it works:

  • Get yourself a good investment broker. They’ll help you find some deals that are still available.
  • Go to the store where they sell rare Pokemon cards (that’s usually an expensive place). You might have luck finding some in their back room under lock and key.

Tropical Wind

Tropical Wind is a rare Pokemon card. It was released in 1999, and you can find it at most stores or on eBay for about $50-$75. However, because it’s so valuable and not very common (only 1 in 4 packs), the price will vary depending on where you live. If your local shop has some of these cards lying around, then go ahead and buy one.

No. 3 Trainer Card

A trainer card is a card that has information on how to play the game. There are three types of trainer cards: basic, reverse, and promo. The No. 3 Trainer Card is a promo card that can be found in booster packs or pre-constructed decks (commonly referred to as “boxed sets”).

The No. 3 Trainer Card only appears in one place in your Pokémon TCG collection – the Black Star Promos set. These cards look exactly like regular cards but have an extra piece of information on them like “you may search your deck for any number of [insert pokemon here].” This means if you want one copy of this rare Pokemon card then all you need do is open up one box.

Most of them are worth a ton of Money

There are some rare Pokemon cards that are worth a lot of money. These cards are not only valuable because they’re rare and hard to find, but also because the artwork on the card can be very expressive and beautiful.

You may be thinking, How much do these rare Pokemon cards cost? The answer is that it depends on what kind of condition your card is in. If you have an unopened pack with some signatures or creases on it (which many people like), then there’s no telling how much money you could get for it unless someone buys out all their copies at once.

As far as I know, most people would rather just sell their unopened packs than sell them individually since they don’t want them sitting around collecting dust until someone buys one from them at auction house prices.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions or comments about the cards featured in this post, please leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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