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Run the Gauntlet, The worst challenge on Google

Run the Gauntlet

If you’re a Google user and haven’t heard of Run the Gauntlet,” then you’re probably doing something wrong. It’s a game that allows users to see the worst picture of themselves on Google’s website, and it’s been around since at least 2010. The idea behind it is simple: click through every single image in Google’s search results until you find one that looks nothing like you; stare at it for 30 seconds; then move on to the next image. It sounds easy enough, right? Well…it gets worse from there!

Run The Gauntlet

Run the Gauntlet is a challenge that involves looking at images 9for 30 seconds. Each image will be displayed on your screen and you must click through it, if you recognize yourself in an image then press the spacebar. If not, keep going until all 30 seconds are up or you see something that looks like yourself (or something similar).

Once finished with this challenge, try another one!

1. Google your name.

  • Google your name
  • Type in the name of someone you know, and then click on their name in the search bar at the top of the page (the one with a magnifying glass). You’ll see a drop-down menu that will let you enter another person’s name into this field.
  • Type “John Doe” into our drop-down menu, then click on John Doe’s name in our drop-down menu (it looks like this).

2. Click the “Images” result.

When you click on the image result, it will take you to a page that contains all of your images. You can also use this as an opportunity for some quick testing:

  • Click “Images” at the top right corner of your screen.
  • A box will appear with “Image Search” at its center and options around it like “Search Images,” “Search Videos,” “Custom Search,” etc., but don’t worry about them right now! Just stay focused on what we’re doing here: clicking on images (which kind of seems like cheating).

3. Browse the images until you find one that looks nothing like you.

Now, let’s take a look at the images. You’ll see lots of pictures of people who aren’t you. These are all real, but they don’t look anything like you—and that’s fine! You can scroll through them quickly and move on to another section until you find one that looks like yourself.

Run the Gauntlet
The image is taken from Getty Images

The best way to do this is by keeping your eyes open while trying not to focus on any one part of the image too closely. Don’t let yourself get sucked into examining every little detail: if something looks off (like an extra nose), ignore it and move on.

4. Stare at it for 30 seconds and then move on to the next image.

If you’re up for the challenge, stare at each image for 30 seconds. Don’t look away or close your eyes—don’t do anything else. Just stare! You’ll be fine.

5. Do this with every single image until you get to the end of the results page, or until you stumble upon a picture of yourself (whichever comes first).

Do this with every single image until you get to the end of the results page, or until you stumble upon a picture of yourself (whichever comes first).

You can’t close your eyes, and you can’t stop looking at the screen. You have to keep looking at your own face as well as each and every single one of these photos until either:

  • You find something new—a new quote worth sharing with friends and family; a new way to make money through social media (e.g., selling product reviews); or an interesting fact about yourself (like how many times today I ate ice cream).
  • Or else…

6. You may not close your eyes for any reason.

  • Do not close your eyes. If you do, you may get distracted and lose focus on the task at hand. This could lead to some very embarrassing moments for all involved!
  • Do not look away from the screen for any reason, even if something funny or interesting happens in real life outside of Google’s virtual reality world (which is totally different than ours). You’ll find that looking away from this screen will make it harder to perform tasks such as “running” or “swimming.”

Just don’t play Run the Gauntlet

The game is a waste of time and money. It’s not even funny, let alone fun. It’s just a way for Google to make money off of us by getting our attention with clickbait ads that don’t tell us anything about what they’re selling or how much it costs (at least not until after we’ve already clicked on them).

If you want to see the results of these types of games, go look at this website: [link]. In fact, why don’t we all join together right now and write an article about how bad this game is?


We hope you learned something about Run the Gauntlet today. It’s not a bad thing, just remember to be yourself and keep your mind open to new experiences. We know for sure that if you play this game enough times, your brain won’t work as it should anymore because of all the bad things we’ve done in our past lives!

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