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Latest Valorant patch Notes, Videos & Updates

Valorant patch Notes

These are the latest Valorant patch notes.

Latest Valorant YouTube videos

  • 1. Valorant News, Updates & Patch Notes
  • 2. New Champion Roles: video by the team at [Valorant](https://www.valorant.com/)
  • 3. How to play as a Support with [Blizzard](https://uservoice/), including tips and tricks for new players on how to be successful in this role!

Latest Valorant Patch Notes

The latest Valorant patch notes are here!

Valorant patch Notes
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What does this mean for you?

  • The Valorant team has added new features and bug fixes to the game, which will make your experience even better. Here’s a rundown of what they changed: – You can now see how much time is left until your next mission in-game, or when it starts if you’re waiting on it.
  • – You can now save progress while playing a mission without having to quit it first!
  • – There are also some bug fixes that make sure everything runs smoothly across all platforms (PC/MacOS X).

In-game Updates

Valorant patch Notes
Image is taken from https://wall.alphacoders.com/
  • New weapons:
  • Virgil’s Virge
  • The Ostron Blade (Airborne)
  • New maps:
  • The Horizon, The Wild West, and The Lost Island have been added to the game. They all have their own unique characteristics and gameplay styles.

The latest Valorant patch notes.

The latest Valorant patch notes are available for you to read below.

  • Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where players would lose their progress when they tried to log out from the game menu with a passworded account.
  • Fixed an issue where players had difficulty playing with friends if they were on different platforms (PC/Mac).
  • Improved performance of the game client while in-game.
  • New features:


The latest Valorant patch notes.

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