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How to Restart Iphone Xr | Best Tips You Need 2022

How to Restart Iphone Xr

In the modern era, mobile phones are the basic need of everyone, but sometimes mobile phones may give errors and we have to reset or restart the phone. Today we will talk about how to restart iPhone XR and other iPhones. 

How to Restart Apple iPhone XR

How to Restart iPhone XR? The basic need of restarting the device is when you notice that the phone hangs or does not work properly or the screen of the phone not responding for a long time .

Restarting the phone does not erase its data but it cleans the phone’s 3GB ram memory and your iPhone will work properly. In only three simple steps we will tell you how to restart iPhone XR.

Things to Remember Before Restarting iPhone XR

Before restarting your iPhone XR you should know your lock screen password and it will be required when the device gets turned on.

Estimated time to be restarted: 2 minutes

1: First step

Press the power lock to unlock button unless the screen shows you several results like power.VXNUL8587L9N WIk2QKq2eQ618TesUi7PmwilTfcJI6xwdSdBeBGebpmLY1amZ3Zfm2pMiJGeCwHgOhIkTnGmS8 5t ALVvXUhhPT26nlo5UkLDCW7QZX23lO4AiYghHzNHPrKMRaa7SCEEzresXi0pCJnCsP1tt2i7 Aswl5f kv A9Tas010LSEA

2: the second step

As the iPhone does not have a restart option so you have to slide up, shut down, and wait until the screen shuts down.

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3: the third step

Once iPhone gets restarted, wait until the Apple logo appears and release the button your iPhone will turn on. Now enter the pin code of your phone and your device and it is successfully restarted.

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How to restart iPhone Xr if It stills and not responds

1: If the old method is not working then you have to restart it again by using physical buttons.

2: press the power button of your iPhone XR for at least (8 seconds) this is called force shut down 

and now you will see the apple logo.

3: if this does not work anymore it may be due to a low battery So put your iPhone XR  to charge and start the procedure again.

4: beyond all these procedures if the phone does not respond to you anymore it may be due to motherboard damage or the motherboard has been damaged you will have to repair it or contact the apple service center.

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