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How do You use Which Wich?

Which Wich

Which wich is a fast food restaurant that offers sandwiches, salads, and other foods? They use which wich to let people order their food and they put it in a box for you. You can pick from different meats, cheeses, and toppings on your sandwich before placing it in the box.

Pick a bag

If you’re not sure what to get, or if you want to pick something out of the box yourself, here are some options:

  • Write your name on the bag. This is a great option if there are several people in your group who will be using the same bag. It makes it easier for everyone when they don’t have to guess who has theirs!
  • Pick a bag from the box and put it in your own personal bin at home before leaving for school (or work). That way nothing gets mixed up and no one has any trouble finding their stuff later during class unless someone wants their own particular item back after class ends (and then again before we leave).

Write your name on the bag

You can also write your name on the bag and box.

If you’re giving someone a gift, you can add their name to the receipt as well.

Pick your meats, cheeses, and toppings

  • Choose from a variety of meats and cheeses.
  • Add extra cheese.
  • Add extra meat.
  • Add extra toppings, condiments, and sides (like creamed spinach).

Put your bag in the box

Put your bag in the box.

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Okay, so you’ve got your bag and its contents together, but where do you put them? The answer is that it’s not a sandwich; it’s really just two pieces of cardboard taped together with a bunch of tapes. So don’t be fooled by what looks like a sandwich: there are no actual sandwiches involved here!

You can use which wich to order sandwiches

To order sandwiches, you can use the Which Wich app on your phone. The app will ask for your basic information, like name and address. Then it asks if you want to order a sandwich or salad. The next step is selecting the type of bread (baguette or white) and toppings (avocado and tomatoes). After that, there’s an option called “additional toppings.” If this is selected, it will show all the other possible toppings that can be added to your sandwich—bacon bits are one example!


So there you have it! Now you know how to use which wich. Make sure to order your sandwich in the correct bag and place it in the box with your name on it. This will make sure that no one else can use your sandwich or order from you, so feel free to take advantage of this service at any time!

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