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Family Guy Characters 2023

Family Guy Characters

Today we will discuss the list of Family Guy Characters. They have also been nominated for an Emmy Award and won two Annie Awards, including Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance (for Peter) and Outstanding Music Direction (for “The Brady Bunch” theme song). Family Guy is a television cartoon show created by Seth MacFarlane. The series centers on the Griffins, a family living in the fictional town of Quahog, Rhode Island. It was originally broadcast from 1999 to 2003 on Fox, then from October 2005 to May 2018 on Adult Swim

Here Is the List of Family Guy Characters

Chris Griffin

Chris Griffin is a young, handsome boy who has just moved in with his family. He’s the youngest child and he’s very similar to his father Peter in personality. He likes playing video games and hanging out with other teenagers his age.

Family Guy Characters

He has a girlfriend named Jillian (played by April Stewart).

Meg Griffin

Meg is the oldest child in the Griffin family. She is often the victim of jokes and pranks, but she does not take them very seriously. She has a tendency to act like a toddler, especially when it comes to her younger brother Peter’s antics or when he makes fun of her clothes or hairstyle.

Her age also causes her to be more mature than most teenagers would be at this point in their lives; however, this maturity often comes with its own drawbacks as she lacks common sense and doesn’t always know what she’s doing (like when she tried to rob a bank).

Family Guy Characters

Meg also loves animals more than anything else in this world; if there was one thing we could all agree on then it’d be that every animal deserves our respect regardless of species or size! So while it may seem weird at first glance why someone who loves animals so much would end up becoming an activist against factory farming practices…well…that’s just how things go sometimes!

Brian Griffin

Brian Griffin is a white, male, anthropomorphic dog who serves as the family’s pet and is often treated as a son. He is also their de facto leader in many situations. Brian can talk to other animals and people, but he has trouble expressing his deeper thoughts.

Family Guy Characters

Stewie Griffin

Stewie Griffin is the youngest child of Peter and Lois Griffin. He’s a genius toddler with an evil, diabolical mind. He has been voiced by Seth MacFarlane since he was created in 1997 as a character on Family Guy (also known as The Simpsons ripoff).

Family Guy Characters

Stewie’s catchphrase is “Oh my God!” and his favorite movie is The Passion of the Christ.

Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin is a fictional character from the animated television series Family Guy. He is voiced by Seth MacFarlane and first appeared on television, along with the rest of the Griffin family, in the 15-minute pilot pitch of Family Guy, which was broadcast on December 20, 1998.

Family Guy Characters

In 2009 Peter married Lois Griffin (also voiced by MacFarlane). They have three children: Meg Griffin (Peter’s daughter), Chris Griffin (Peter’s son), and Stewie Griffin (their dog).

Lois Griffin

Lois Griffin is the wife of Peter Griffin and the mother of Meg, Chris, and Stewie. She is a housewife who often cooks, cleanses, and takes care of her family. Lois is also overbearing at times; she usually tries to control what Peter does in his own house by making him watch TV shows that she likes or using her influence over him as a weapon against other characters (like when she forced him to go on a date with Tricia Takanawa).

Family Guy Characters

She often annoys people with her bossiness (e.g., you don’t want me doing anything for myself), loudness (she shouts at people), and overbearing nature (she just wants everything done for her).

Family Guy characters

Chris Griffin is the oldest child and only son of Peter and Lois Griffin. He’s a witty, wise-cracking teenager who often acts as the voice of reason in his dysfunctional family.

Chris was originally voiced by Seth MacFarlane, who went on to create several other successful animated shows (Family Guy, The Cleveland Show) before returning to working on Family Guy in 2008 after an eight-year hiatus.

Family Guy is one of the most famous shows on Fox, and it has been a staple in our household for years. I hope that this article has helped you learn more about these characters and their personalities. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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