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Cafepharma : Is Cafe pharma Really Anonymous


Cafepharma is a popular message board for pharmaceutical sales reps that is also used by physicians and other healthcare workers.

Basic Information

Cafepharma is the latest and most popular message board for pharma, biotech, and medical sales industry professionals. Can be found at: https://cafepharma.com/

Cafe pharma has a forum for each major drug class; you can also find forums for individual drugs such as Celebrex or Viagra in our market section. This gives you access to thousands of members with hundreds of discussions happening every day!

Cafe pharma news

Cafepharma news is a popular resource for the pharmaceutical industry, with a focus on drug launches and other news that interests sales reps. The site features an extensive database of drugs, as well as information about new products.

It also offers resources on clinical trials, research trends, and guidelines for physicians who prescribe certain drugs or treatments.

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Cafe pharma News has been used by physicians and other healthcare workers to stay up-to-date on important developments in the field of medicine.


  • Topic 1:
  • Topic 2:
  • Subtopic 1:
  • Subtopic 2:
  • Forum 1:
  • Message Board/Chat Room 1 (for general discussion) – [https://www.cafepharma.com/forums]
  • News Article 1 (about Cafe pharma) – [https://www.cafe pharma.com/news]
  • Resources for more information on Cafe pharma – [http://www.cafe pharmainfo]

Search forums

  • Search forums. The first step in finding a topic you’re interested in is to use the search function to filter through the forum’s content. You can also narrow down your search by using advanced options like language, type of content, and date range.
  • If you can’t find what you’re looking for, create a new thread! This will allow people who share similar interests to join the conversation and contribute their knowledge as well.


Cafe pharma forums are the most popular part of cafe pharma. They’re a place where you can discuss specific topics related to pharma, biotech, and medical sales. The forum is also great for asking questions and getting answers from other people in the industry.

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You’ll find lots of useful information here too!

Most Popular Message Board

Cafe pharma is a popular message board for pharmaceutical sales reps that is also used by physicians and other healthcare workers. The site offers a variety of resources, including bulletin boards, forums, career advice, and job listings.

The site hosts thousands of posts from both current and former employees who have left their respective companies over the years. Some users share their experiences working in the industry—their upsides (and downsides), as well as how much money they made or lost during their time at different jobs within this industry.


Cafe pharma is a fun and exciting place to interact with other pharmaceutical sales professionals. It’s also a great way to get the latest industry news, learn from others who have been there before you, and find out what’s coming up next in your industry.

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