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Adguard DNS 2022 | Best Ad Blocker App

Adguard DNS

1. What is Adguard DNS?

Adguard DNS

Adguard DNS is a free service. By using this service you will be able to block ads and protect your device from phishing and malicious domains. This is one of the best services of its kind. It is an open-source project that is easy to use. All you need to do is to change your DNS settings to Adguard DNS. This simple step will help you bypass all ads and protect your privacy.

2. Adguard DNS is free

Adguard DNS is a free service, designed to create safer and faster Internet. A DNS-based filter blocks ads, trackers, malware, and phishing. With Adguard DNS you can forget about ads, speed reductions, and malware.

 There are no hidden fees, no subscriptions, and no trials. Free Adguard DNS service is 100% free and is not limited in any way. As Adguard does not save any data about your activity, all you need to do to benefit from it is to change your device’s DNS settings to Adguard’s free public DNS servers:

3. Ad guard DNS supports iOS, Android, and Windows

Ad Guard is a free service that offers content filtering, privacy protection, and malware protection for your devices. AdGuard is a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool for browsing the web safely and privately. 

It protects your Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS devices from malware and annoying ads. Ad Guard’s ad blocking, anti-tracking, and anti-phishing features can be used on your desktop and mobile devices, and its VPN can be used on your Android and iOS devices.

4. How to use Ad guard DNS on a PC?

If you are not a fan of advertising, you may have already heard about Adguard DNS. Ad guard DNS is a free and open-source DNS-based service that blocks ads and tracking. It is designed to be used with Adguard for PC only but can be used with other DNS-server software you might have. Keep in mind that you will have to set up your DNS manually.

5. Adguard DNS protects your privacy

AdGuard’s DNS service lets you protect your online privacy and access blocked sites by routing all your DNS requests through their servers. This way they can filter out unwanted content, such as ads, tracking, malware, and malicious domains.

Adguard DNS

Ad Guard DNS is a great alternative to other paid services that do the same thing. It is a lightweight, lightning-fast, and easy-to-use service that relies on over 100,000 active ad and tracker filters. It can also be used to bypass censorship, access geo-restricted content, and protect your connection from being monitored or blocked by your ISP.

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